Marcus Boswell sitting in front of a log cabin style office

Happy New Year

So you made it! Congratulations on a New Year You made it through 2017. You’ve chalked up another year. How was it for you? Did you do the same things you’ve always done? Did you… “crash it”? 🤨 What have you got in store for 2018? I remember reading something about future predictions a long …

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So, why go into business for yourself?

I’ve been asked many times, “So, why have you gone into business for yourself?”. Well, during 2016 I made a decision to start working for myself as a Social Selling Consultant following my redundancy from my previous role as a Manager of Social Presence and Head of Social Innovation for a fortune 500. 12 months …

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A clueless man entering a maze

Do You Ever Get Fed up with That Question… Hey, How’s Business?

Have you ever been asked, "So, How's Business?" What do you say? Do you offer a one-liner response or do you want to ask them to pull up a chair so you can get into it with them? I've often joked about having a kind of truth Tourette's. This isn't the kind where I can't …

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