“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marcus. He was an entertaining and thoughtful colleague as well as being very good at his job. He comes at problems from many angles – he does not have a “one size fits all” approach and that is one of the things that makes him successful”.

– Paul Halliwell
Executive Director at ViewMyChain & COO at TwentyCi Group of Companies

“I asked Marcus to take a chance and join MNC to start an adventure into social media. This was a stretch for ADP not for Marcus. Quickly Marcus brought the division’s presence up to a good standard and then we began socially surrounding our targets. My only regret was losing Marcus to the wider company.”

— Tim Johnson,
SVP International

“Marcus has a wonderful way of condensing a lot of information and opportunity for change into a short time frame, the greatest part of this skill, though is making it usable and useful, Marcus uses processes, questions and tools to really focus in on the objectives I had. In a short consultation session I went away with so much value for both short-term change as well as the longer term. Thank you Marcus”

— Thomas Hemmings,
Senior Business Change Manager

“Marcus has been instrumental in our working relationship. From passion through to implementation, I highly recommend working with him.”

— Amanda Townsend
Managing Director Pharus Training

“Marcus is hardwired to the social media world and this combined with his business background makes him very well-placed to help us plan and deliver an effective social media strategy that’s relevant for our business.”

— Sean Daly,
Director (founder) at SOLID Structures & Infrastructure

“You can take it as a given that Marcus has all the expected attributes – driven, focused, ethical, hard-working etc. But the one thing for me that genuinely sets Marcus apart from the masses is his visionary approach. He has a truly exceptional outlook that is represented in the way he approaches his clients and his deals. Working with Marcus is an absolute pleasure.”

— Simon Sanderson,
Managing Director

“I met Marcus in Bucharest where he came to deliver training on Social Selling with the purpose of educating our Tele-prospecting team on how to leverage the social media channels along the pre-sales process. I was impressed by the extensive knowledge he has on this topic and his passion for Social. Marcus was able to connect the impact of social media to business value, and I found this really impressive. Professionally it’s been a real pleasure to meet Marcus and be part of the respective training. Thank you Marcus!”

— Roxana Serban,
Talent Coach

“Marcus is an expert at what he does. We certainly learned a lot from him and as a result, have a much improved social media strategy.”

— Henda Knobel, Director

“Marcus grasped the business and immediately began to set a stage, offering many scenarios of how best to lay out your stall and use social media networks as a powerful tool. His calming nature and professionalism immediately puts you at ease so you can grasp his concept to take you to the next level.”

— Kenny Dodds,
Business Development Director

“Having worked with Marcus during our time at ADP, he was the first person that came to mind when I needed support from a social media perspective. Having worked in the same industry for a long time I needed help with thinking about how I wanted to be perceived out there in the market and Marcus provided insightful and thought-provoking ideas and guidance which was invaluable to me.

I would certainly recommend working with Marcus if you are a business trying to scope out a social strategy or an individual trying to figure out what to do to improve your social presence and engage with customers and potential customers on social media. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

— Juliet Barclay,
Benefits Support Manager & Supervisor

“Marcus is one of a kind and a rare combination of marketing skills and technological know-how. We both share some expert groups, and every now and again Marcus will suggest something that is simply brilliant. Recently he has helped by sharing his vast technical knowledge to streamline some of the clunky work methodologies I have adopted. Simple straightforward advice, a man after my own heart, with buckets loads of patience thrown in. Everything explained simply and easily along with his great social selling input the combination has transformed how I work. No more wasted time on trying to get apps to work. Highly recommend you connect and start talking to him; he is so good at what he does.”

— Angus Grady

“Marcus is one of those rare people who can draw in even the most sceptical person with an explanation around any chosen topic. The term Evangelist is used all too often these days, but I truly believe he is a social media evangelist and I was able to witness many meetings where he delivered this message. Even though we didn’t have direct reporting lines I really enjoyed working on the successful VoiceStorm launch project in the UK with Marcus. His ability to be impartial, supportive, and encouraging is second to none, and I miss our fortnightly social media calls.”

— Danusia Jolliffe,
Marketing & Customer Services Director

“Marcus has been a refreshing inspiration to our multinational team of business consultants and sales managers. He has educated, trained, and mentored individual players in the team on social media marketplace. He’s helped us to define our presence and raise our social media effectiveness on both personal and business levels with the savvy use of social media tools. He has really given us a fresh appreciation of routes to market globally – he’s genuine, fun, and way ahead of the crowd… not at all formulaic, and he really knows his stuff!”

— Michele Gray,
Director of Business Advisory Services

“I worked with Marcus as I joined the Multinational Sales Team in ADP. First thing: Marcus is always positive, always challenging doubts. Secondly, I’ve been really impressed by Marcus’ knowledge about social media and social media business impact. Then: Marcus really helped us personally and as a team to create a momentum in the use of social media.”

— Olivier Leullier,
Global Sales Manager western Europe

“Never have I met somebody with more passion for Social. In our team, he was the absolute subject matter expert for Social Selling. He opened up platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to our sales force and made them use it as sales tools. He implemented tools like VoiceStorm to make that easier, and he developed and produced training and manuals. But what you will remember most of all when working with Marcus is his passion for what he does. He can talk about it for hours and knows what he is talking about. He is well-informed and sincerely wants you to benefit from that knowledge as well. He does so in a nice and respectful manner which makes it a joy to work with him. Marcus is a man with ideas, who has learned to put them to actions as well. That makes him an asset to every company that is looking for a passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert on Social!”

— Rob Wasserman,
Senior Director Sales Strategy and Operations

“Marcus is the most passionate Social Media expert I ever met. He is the kind of SME who can help you unlock the full potential of Social Media, especially for Sales. Marcus helped my team in different ways, by supporting our executives to improve their social presence or educating our Sales teams on how to leverage the social media channels along the sales process. By sharing best practices, supporting Demand Gen campaigns, deploying social tools such as VoiceStorm, creating learning videos, and finally delivering online and on-site training, Marcus helped us to take our Social Selling acumen to the next level.”

— Yohan Labesse,
Director of Lead Generation

“I’ve known Marcus for about 18 months now – basically since I started at ADP. The first time I met him face to face was at a leadership meeting in Europe, and he immediately had my attention, especially as it relates to his knowledge and expertise with Social Media. Most importantly, Marcus was able to connect the impact of social media to business value – which is a very hard thing to do. Professionally it’s been a real pleasure working with Marcus, and there is no doubt that he will be a huge asset wherever he goes next.”

— Kartik Krishnamurthy,
Senior Director & MNC Product Sales leader, APAC

“Marcus has been instrumental in pushing social media within ADP GES International and has been a great business partner helping me improve my LinkedIn profile and overall usage.”

— Dominique Slavicek,
Group VP Sales UKG EMEA

“There are few people in this world who put more passion and care into their job than Marcus . He took the concept of “social selling” and gave it wings. Whether he was supporting executives to improve their social presence, educating our Sales teams on leveraging the social media channels along the sales process or creating and delivering engaging content, Marcus was a game-changer. He is a top professional who truly cares about the people he works with and always delivers results beyond expectations.”

— Dom Tohill,
Director, Sales Learning, SBS (US) & Canada

“Marcus is a highly-skilled, motivated, confident, and passionate individual who excelled in his role, demonstrating a clear focus on results. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and I would sincerely recommend Marcus to any prospective clients or employers in his future endeavours.”

— Clayton Wright
Project Manager

“Marcus is really knowledgeable about all things social media and how you can leverage it to scale your business. I would definitely recommend having a call with him to find out how you can use all social media platforms to your advantage.”

— Debbie Frampton

“Marcus is a passionate, persuasive and incredibly talented innovator. His knowledge of the Social Media space and critically how to leverage the very best in technologies to deliver maximum impact in the Sales arena is second to none. An expert in his field but additionally an excellent communicator and evangelist who understands the complexity of today’s buyers – He has had a tremendous positive impact on bottom-line results. I cannot recommend Marcus highly enough. He is outstanding strategic and a leader in his field.”

— Gordon Ash,
Divisional Vice President Sales, UK & Ireland

“Marcus is one of the best social business leaders I have ever had the pleasure to partner with. We began working together on a very big, complex program at ADP GESI with a lot of visibility inside the company, so the stakes to succeed were high. In the short period of time since the program has been implemented, it has seen a great deal of success, with global employees benefiting daily from our efforts. Marcus has great vision, leadership skills, and a strong ability to execute. He has a unique ability to get the most out of his team (whether they are direct reports, colleagues, or vendors), while also remembering to treat them like people who also have important things going on outside of work. I hope to get another opportunity to work with Marcus soon.”

— Ramon Ignacio,
Strategic Sales Director

“Marcus and I have worked together for a number of years and he is a pleasure to work with. Well liked by his team members and a person who you can trust. He is self-motivated, hardworking and results-driven. Marcus has a systematic and precise way of working, an excellent relationship builder at all levels and coupled with his extensive knowledge in his field of Social media, ensures he always delivers results.”

— Jason Cathro,
Enterprise Account Executive

“I have worked alongside Marcus for several years. During this time, he has displayed nothing short of tenacity, honesty, & integrity – all of which drive him forward. His commitment to these qualities shines through and becomes unmissable to the client during the sales process, helping him to build strong and secure relationships. Rather than simply learning new skills, Marcus chooses to be a master of knowledge in all areas of interest, particularly social media. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

— Carolyn Sullivan,
Cloud Solution Sales Executive

“Marcus is highly professional with exceptional communication skills. He is a pleasure to work with and is a great asset to any team. He can always be relied upon and has a positive attitude that enables him to identify opportunities whenever and wherever they arise.”

— Stuart Hamilton,
Business Development Specialist

“Marcus is a hard-working individual with a desire and passion to succeed in work and in life. With this type of motivation, he cannot fail. He is very thorough in his approach and has a wide range of skills to bring to the table. He is creative with the ability to generate ideas and new thinking in any situation. He is resilient and therefore able to deal with any challenges in a positive way. Marcus has a strong set of values which he applies to everything he does, a truly admirable quality. He is a very genuine and trustworthy person. An all-around great guy with a great personality and outlook on life. Winning qualities.”

— Baljinder Johal,

“Marcus builds sound relationships and brings an enthusiasm for new learning to his clients that keeps their energy and interest up. He is straightforward to do business with and a great person to have around as he always has a different perspective!”

— Tony Gale,

“Marcus is a focused, committed and genuine member of the sales function. I’ve been impressed by his forward thinking in terms of client and business needs, as well as his use and knowledge of technology. Customers are delighted with the service he provides them, and many take the opportunity to feed this back to us, which is fantastic both for him as an individual, and for the business.”

— Kirsty North,
Senior Communications Manager

“Marcus is a thoroughly organised developer of business opportunities. His disarming nature allows him to effectively build relationships rapidly with prospective new clients and feed a pipeline with qualified new business opportunities.”

— Bruce Groves,

“Marcus is a hard-working working resourceful individual, with a professional and detail-intensive approach to developing new business and strategies to complement his goals.

Hard working and amiable, Marcus, for these very reasons achieved great success at building and maintaining relationships with prospective clients, and therefore ensuring a maximum yield in terms of lead generation, and conversion of opportunities to wins.

I worked with Marcus in a Sales capacity, attending meetings arranged through his endeavours and found the clients well-briefed on all aspects of our products.”

— Dominic Emerton,

“I would definitely recommend Marcus as a solid, reliable recruitment consultant. Marcus was very good at developing lasting relationships with both Clients and Candidates and was always professional in his dealings with colleagues. Marcus was passionate about the job and strived to place candidates in the right job. Marcus dealt with Clients both on the telephone and face-to-face and was good at generating new business as well as managing PSL accounts.”

– Louis Spence,
Director at Operandi Consulting

“Marcus is a warm and generous individual with whom I have worked alongside for 3 years. In his role as a new business developer, he is well-organised and very competent at ‘working the phone’ and takes pride in extracting as much as he can from a cold call.”

– Tristan Milner,
Strategic Initiatives Lead at Paylocity