My Journey

With two decades of sales experience under my belt, I’ve seen it all – from cold calling to field sales and everything in between. Even the dreaded tender documents! But as the sales landscape evolved, so did I.

My journey began at one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 HR and Payroll providers. I started in Field Sales, pitching SAAS Payroll solutions to SMEs and eventually moving up to larger organisations with up to 10,000 employees. What set me apart was my deep understanding and early adoption of social media. This led to a pivotal career shift, propelling me to the role of Head of Social Innovation for the MNC International arm based in Amsterdam.

Working with a team of top performers, I helped them harness the power of Social Selling to unearth new sales opportunities. This success led me to the Manager of Social Presence role, where I extended this expertise across 16 European countries, spanning over 800 employees.

But after my tenure at ADP International, I felt it was time to venture into self-employment. I believed that if I could do it for them, I could certainly do it for myself. Thus, I embarked on a freelance journey as a Social Selling Consultant, targeting SMEs seeking to enhance their social strategies for brand recognition and increased sales. My role? Bridging the knowledge gaps by providing actionable coaching, training, and development.

Throughout this journey, my primary audience comprised sales, leadership, and marketing teams, all eager to boost their social presence and, consequently, their revenue streams.

However, the pandemic posed unexpected challenges. Clients, now working from home, felt they could handle the strategies themselves, while new entrants flooded the market, diluting the value of our professional services.

That’s when I knew it was time for a pivot.

Self-employment during a pandemic with a service in low demand wasn’t sustainable. I made the decision to share my sales expertise by joining a full-service digital marketing agency. Here, I excelled in selling performance management services like SEO and PPC, as well as brochure-based and e-commerce websites.

My responsibilities expanded to creating the agency’s new business playbook and supporting the senior leadership team in establishing more direct routes to market. They had relied heavily on word-of-mouth referrals, and it was time for a more robust new business development process.

As the Senior Business Development Manager, I successfully drove revenue growth and expanded market presence across various sectors. My strategy was multi-channel, augmented by social selling and LinkedIn outreach, resulting in the acquisition of numerous new customer accounts.


My Approach

I’ve been told I have a disarming nature, but I simply prefer a straightforward approach.My goal is to understand my clients’ expectations and consistently surpass them.

With a rich Sales and Business Development background, specialising in technology and digital sectors, I’ve navigated a diverse career path. From consulting for small to medium-sized tech companies as a freelance business development expert to holding senior roles in Fortune 500 corporations, I’ve maintained an entrepreneurial spirit while honing strategic thinking within corporate environments.

I possess the skills and expertise to not only generate new business opportunities but also effectively manage high-profile existing clients. As a proud Gen Xer with a calm and collected demeanour, I take business seriously and consider myself the solution to my client’s problems.

Your success is my success.

Next Steps…

If you’ve come this far then you’re interested in finding out whether we could work together and how I might help you win too.

Why not get in touch and let’s talk about it?