Marcus Boswell sitting in front of a log cabin style office

Happy New Year

So you made it! Congratulations on a New Year

You made it through 2017.

You’ve chalked up another year. How was it for you?

Did you do the same things you’ve always done? Did you… “crash it”? ?

What have you got in store for 2018?

I remember reading something about future predictions a long time ago that suggested that to have a preview of your future you simply need to make a list of your goals and then visualise them daily with desire, belief and expectancy.

They say most people achieve 90% of the #goals that they work on persistently. #Productivity #success #mbssc Share on X

As much as I wish that for you, I also know that most people don’t set goals in the first place.

That means that it’s what you do to create your own future that counts.

If what you are working on this year is aligned with anything that I can do for you to help you get there then I welcome a conversation. It can’t hurt you to investigate right?!


Remember, my success is your success.

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