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So, why go into business for yourself?

I’ve been asked many times, “So, why have you gone into business for yourself?”. Well, during 2016 I made a decision to start working for myself as a Social Selling Consultant following my redundancy from my previous role as a Manager of Social Presence and Head of Social Innovation for a fortune 500. 12 months …

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Do You Ever Get Fed up with That Question… Hey, How’s Business?

Have you ever been asked, “So, How’s Business?” What do you say? Do you offer a one-liner response or do you want to ask them to pull up a chair so you can get into it with them? I’ve often joked about having a kind of truth Tourette’s. This isn’t the kind where I can’t …

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Contrary to Popular Belief There Is No Quick Fix to Networking

Lead Generation isn’t Rocket Science it doesn’t happen by itself.  Social Selling is as much about networking as it is about marketing yourself, your business or your brand. Sales are crucial to the growth of any business. Generating leads takes time irrespective of the industry you are in. It’s interesting to me that there is …

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