Leading with Clarity: Lessons from Mr. Wolf on Sales, Communication and Leadership in the Pulp Fiction Era

When I think of one of my all-time favourite scenes in a movie, I think of Pulp Fiction, where Jules and Vincent have to take orders from Mr Wolf.

Like Mr Wolf, I believe that there is something to be said for being precise when communicating with others.

The ability to communicate and ask the right questions is one of the most powerful things you can possess. In my line of work, it’s second only to my ability to listen.

Clear communication and transparency aren’t just critical components of effective leadership and teamwork; they’re also essential in the sales process.

Amateurs assume that sales is about telling, persuading and cajoling people into what you want. 🤡

Of course, we professionals know this is 1,000,000 miles away from the truth.

Yes! We need to understand what our prospects think they need so that we can help them figure out whether that’s true.

If it is true, we serve them by helping them not just get what they want, but if we are really good, we also help them get what they need. ( I can’t get that tune out of my head now 😂 )

I am old enough and wise enough to know that I could improve at banter. I usually cock that up. But what I am good at is challenging assumptions and asking questions. That’s not just to be efficient or build trust (although true), but it also reduces the chances of me making mistakes or having misunderstandings later in the sales process.

Being clear and concise might be boring for some people and not everyone’s communication style, but it does help to make sure things are understood by everyone involved.

When we understand what prospects expect from us, we are less likely to make mistakes and more likely to win their business. On the other hand, transparency helps build trust as our relationship gets going.

There is no sweeter reward than getting that balance right.

Now, I am not saying I am Mr Wolf, but I do pride myself on a growing reputation for getting problems solved.

Not for nothing, I can’t believe this movie was almost 30 years ago – Jesus 😲

Age, plus experience, really DOES = Wisdom 😉

This was originally a post, but I wanted to remember the sentiment here and how great communication with prospects can unlock the potential for better client relationships as we move forward. So I decided to post it as an article.

I welcome your comments and experiences of getting the most out of your communication style.

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