Linkedin Training

Individual Coaching to improve your Linkedin Profile

Delivered either 1:1 or Group sessions for up to 10 employees per session, based on Building a Buyer Centric LinkedIn Social Profile

On-Demand Training utilising Video (Created Bespoke)

Twitter Training

Twitter doesn't have to be a dark art. Over several modules, you'll learn how to both attract influencers and how to take the steps to become one.

FaceBook Training

This is about focusing on how to build your brand on FaceBook and how to utilise your social presence effectively to maximise your business and brand exposure.

Your Social Workfow

This is a course developed to assist you in creating a manageable workflow utilising your social media channels. Delegates develop a strong sense of their brand identity and learn how to activate it across their chosen platforms building consistency.

Systemising Social Media for Success

The course is designed to produce quick results for the delegates getting them up and running with the minimal effort. This is a beginners style 'Bio building' exercise. Delegates will utilise best practice to create their profiles on their chosen platforms.

Taking it Offline

This is a course that helps delegates to move the conversation offline and convert their social media connections into physical real world ones. You have cultivated the know, like and trust factor and now you are going to take the next step.

Branding Blueprint

The Branding Blueprint is a course designed to help you to identify and activate your personal brand using social media. The modules are designed to take you step by step utilising the platforms that best suit you and your business and give you a solid foundation to build on going forward.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Delegates learn the value of tapping into their social networks to both grow their networks in the right way whilst also learning how to generate leads in the process.

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Bespoke and On-Demand Training

If you or your team would like bespoke training for your specific requirements or On-Demand courses developed to suit your needs please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment to discuss the details.